Broken frames can defiantly ruin your day, but we can repair your frames in just ONE HOUR! We use our laser welder to repair and metal frames with a strong weld that we guarantee for 6 months!

Eyeglass Repair

   We pride ourselves on having a fully equipped workshop, complete with state of the art laser welding technology. Our talented jewelers are able to repair almost anything, from a simple solder to a complete restoration.

   When dropping off a repair with us you can rest assure that it is being taken care of by a team of talented and experienced jewelers. All of our repairs are done on premise, and we promise to always be honest and straight forward about your repairs and our prices.

Custom Jewelry

    Clients come to us with special memories, or events that they want to commemorate with a unique piece of jewelry. Or even just ideas for a new piece to add to their collection. They tell us their story and share their vision for a one of a kind keepsake. Our talented designers use your stories to inspire them to start to develop your unique piece.
    We are the only local jewelers that use latest Computer Aided Design technology in house to bring your jewelry from an idea to an actual 3D model. This allows you to see the piece, and make necessary changes before it is cast in metal. From the CAD design a wax model is cut using our milling machine. The wax model is used to cast the final piece. 

    Once the casting is completed our expert jewelers add the finishing touches and bring the creation to life. Finally, we present you with a one of a kind, heirloom worthy piece that we hope you will treasure for years to come. 

Our Services

Watch batteries are done while you wait! We also can remove watch links and replace watch pins.

Watch Batteries

Jewelry Repair